Engineering Action Plan includes:

Presale engineering suggestions and consultation for standard custom-engineered or reverse engineered product designs.  This discussion is beneficial for our understanding of your project scope and objectives such as:

      • trying to reduce costs
      • improve quality
      • provide a retrofit design
      • improve service
      • resolve delivery issues

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you directly to discuss the project at your convenience.

We will provide a formal quote for samples and production quantities per your RFQ, including:

      • the preliminary speed-torque curve for motor products, part drawings, or both in PDF for other parts – if available at time of quote
      • upon request, 3D CAD drawing files are available for most parts after preliminary PDF drawings are approved, and you need greater detail for final engineering approval for the sample order process

With the prototype order, we offer an evaluation of your sampled part to confirm the design and dimensions, along with dyno testing of your motor.  This service helps to ensure our proposed design is a good match for your application and environment requirements.  This shortens the development time of the parts, and you can gain confidence in our proposed design and service.

We will coordinate the delivery of the said sample parts to our in-house engineering or shipping to our factory for the evaluation process.  It is a practical step to ensure the details we are proposing match your specs and RFQ.  We will return the sample parts to you upon competition.  It is a FREE service to our customers with a purchase order for the prototype sample parts that you are looking to purchase.

Our quick-turn prototype lead time is generally 3 to 4 weeks after design evaluation, dyno testing, or both of your sampled parts.  Our objective is to hand-deliver the prototype parts once manufacturing is complete, if and when our schedule allows.  Therefore, we feel this meeting is beneficial for reviewing the prototype design and going over the project details and your testing criteria to make this step quick and successful.

Once the sample prototype is ready to ship, we will supply you with FAI report documents of the part.  For example, we will provide a dyno speed-torque load test report if it is a motor that is within our dyno capability for the stall load point.  If acceptable, we will have the parts shipped from the factory and work with you on the delivery.

For some products, we offer the option of having motors assembled and tested in America instead of being built entirely at one of our partner factories in Asia.

Generic labels or s/n tags are available on many products, along with the option for private labeling with your company logo or trademark.

With the placement of a sales order, we will keep you informed of the production order’s status, keeping you updated with any issues that may arise.  Our typical lead-time via ocean is 9 to 12 weeks.

Depending on delivery location, we will handle the delivery logistics for orders placed from our factory to our warehouse or directly to you.

We handle the warranty claims for products we sell, acting as the factory’s agent to enable quick and responsive resolution of the parts in question.

We will handle out-of-warranty repairs or replacement services for products we sell.

We offer many products built to UL recognized, CCC, CE, or CSA compliance standards and can work with you to have the part run through the agency’s testing process to allow it to carry that particular mark.

Our team focuses on providing the best value solutions for your specific design and equipment requirements.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Electric Motor Solutions is a supply partner you can trust and rely on to keep your production lines running.  We look forward to working with you.  Contact Us today.